Did Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) have Ilme Ghaib? Part One

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A section of Muslims deny Ilme Ghaib (knowledge of the unseen) for the creation. They claim that Ilme Ghaib is only for Allah and none save Him possesses this knowledge.

To prove this, they advance verses like:

‘Surely Allah is He with Whom is the knowledge of the hour, and He sends down the rain and He knows what is in the wombs; and no one knows what he shall earn on the morrow; and no one knows in what land he shall die; surely Allah is Knowing, Aware.’ (Surah Luqman (31): Verse 34)

He is Allah besides Whom there is no god; the Knower of the unseen and the seen…’ (Surah Hashr (59): Verse 22)

They further underscore the Holy Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) helplessness in acquiring Ilme Ghaib through verses like:

Say: I am only a mortal like you…’ (Surah Kahf (18): Verse 110)

Say: I do not say to you, I have with me the treasures of Allah, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say to you that I am an angel; I do not follow aught save that which is revealed to me. Say: Are the blind and the seeing one alike? Do you not then reflect?’ (Surah Anaam (6): Verse 50)

Say: I do not control any benefit or harm for my own soul except as Allah please; and had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me; I am nothing but a warner and the giver of good news to a people who believe.’ (Surah Araaf (7): Verse 188)

Like most other claims of such Muslims, they have handpicked verses to establish their claim without looking at the Holy Quran and the Sunnah in their entirety. If a Muslim was to go by their claim on Ilme Ghaib, he would have to deny the Noble Quran and Sunnah, where it is amply evident that Ilme Ghaib was bestowed on not just the Prophets (a.s.), but even on ordinary individuals including infants, rather even on animals.

Ilme Ghaib can be proved from

A)     Holy Quran

B)      Sunnah

Instances of Ilme Ghaib from Holy Quran

Consider the following verses that prove Ilme Ghaib has been bestowed by Allah on His creatures:

1)      Bee

And your Lord revealed to the bee saying: Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they build…’ (Surah Nahl (16): Verse 68)

The bee receives inspiration about building houses proving that knowledge was bestowed.

2)      Ant of Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.)

Until when they came to the valley of the ants, an ant said: O ant! Enter your houses, (that) Sulaiman and his hosts may not crush you while they do not know.’ (Surah Naml (27): Verse 18)

The ant was inspired to make this observation which was a reminder for Hazrat Sulaiman (a.s.) as the next verse proves. Also the ensuing conversation between the ant and Hazrat Sulaiman (a.s.) proves that the ant was blessed with Ilme Ghaib including details of Hazrat Dawood’s (a.s.) real name which Hazrat Sulaiman (a.s.) despite being the son did not know.

3)      Fish of Prophet Yunus (a.s.)

‘So the fish swallowed him while he did that for which he blamed himself. But had it not been that he was of those who glorify (Us), he would certainly have tarried in its belly to the day when they are raised.’ (Surah Saaffaat (37): Verses 142-144)

These verses prove that the fish was inspired with instructions to swallow Yunus (a.s.) and keep him inside until he was among the glorifying ones proving that knowledge was bestowed.

4)      Infant in Zulekha’s room

‘…and a witness of her own family bore witness…’

The infant in Zulekha’s room was inspired with Ilme Ghaib and passed a verdict based on divine wisdom that proved Yusuf’s (a.s.) innocence and safeguarded his infallibility.

5)      Prophet Moosa’s (a.s.) mother

And We revealed to Musa’s mothers, saying: Give him suck, then when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear nor grieve; surely We will bring him back to you and make him one of the apostles.’ (Surah Qasas (28): Verse 7)

Prophet Moosa’s (a.s.) mother was inspired by Allah to cast him (a.s.) in the river. Moreover, she was informed about the child being a Prophet and that he would be re-united with her in future.

6)      Maryam bint Imran (s.a.)

He said: I am only a messenger of your Lord: That I will give you a pure boy.’ (Surah Maryam (19): Verse 19)

Maryam (s.a.) was informed about birth of a son. In fact, Imran (a.s.) father of of Maryam (s.a.), was informed of Prophet Esa’s (a.s.) birth a generation before Maryam (s.a.).

So far we have seen instances of animals, children and mothers of Prophets (a.s.) blessed with Ilme Ghaib. Prophets (a.s.) were greater than all these and therefore it must come as no surprise if they were granted Ilme Ghaib.

7)      Ba’lam Baaoor

And if We had pleased, We would certainly have exalted him thereby; but he clung to the earth and followed his low desire, so his parable is as the parable of the dog; if you attack him he lolls out his tongue; and if you leave him alone he lolls out his tongue; this is the parable of the people who reject Our communications; therefore relate the narrative that they may reflect.’ (Surah Aaraaf (7): Verse 176)

This is the incident of Ba’lam Baaoor, a worshipper from Bani Israel, about whom it is unanimous he was gifted with special knowledge. It is a different matter that he deviated subsequently and could not benefit from this knowledge.

In fact miracles performed by Prophets (a.s.) is based on special knowledge granted by Allah, which is nothing but Ilme Ghaib as others were not granted the same.

Continued in Did Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) have Ilme Ghaib? Part Two


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