Does the view of the majority have any importance in religion? – Part 1

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Among the various objections raised by the Muslims against the Shias is that being in minority they must submit to the view of the Muslim majority vis-à-vis Imamat. If Shias were on the truth then they would not be in a minority.


It is incorrect to claim that Shias are on the wrong because of them being in the minority. A widely reported incident showcases the stand of Shias – one based on truth as illustrated by the Holy Quran and the correct Sunnah.

The vice chancellor of the renowned Al-Azhar University Shaikh Salim al-Bushra Shaikh al-Ulama (Chief of Scholars) was engaged in a discussion with the famous Shia scholar Allamah Sayyid Abdul Husain Sharafuddeen Musawi (r.a.). After hearing all the arguments and proofs advanced by the Shia scholar on the subject of Imamat, Shaikh Salim confessed his helplessness thus:

“I do not understand what I should say. I am confused when on one hand I look at your arguments; the chain of narrators and proofs are very strong and firm in every aspect but on the other hand when I look at all the Muslims I find that the majority among them have turned away from the mastership of Ali b. Abi Talib (a.s.) and they do not accept him as a guardian and an Imam while you Shias – who accept him as an Imam – are in minority. I am very much confused by this anomaly and do not know what to say…”
(The Right Path –English Translation of Al-Muraajeaat).

This is the gist of the situation in the Muslim world on the issue of Imamat – an anomaly that has never been corrected even after the lapse of centuries. The Shias with strong proofs and irrefutable arguments on Imamat continue to remain in minority. The majority, instead of accepting these arguments, level baseless accusations and allegations against the Shias and invite them to abandon their proofs and embrace the view of the majority.

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