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Atiya aI-Awfi narrates: Jabir b. Abdullah Ansari and I went to the Ziyarat of the grave of Husain b. Ali b. Abi Talib (a.s.). When we entered Karbala, Jabir washed himself in the water of Euphrates, wrapped himself with cloth, put some perfume on himself, and then started walking toward the grave, while glorifying Allah with each step. When we approached the grave, he told me to take his hand and put it on the grave because he could not see. When I put his hand on the grave, Jabir b. Abdullah Ansari fainted. So I put some water on him.

When he awoke he said – O Husain! O Husain! O Husain!

Then Jabir b. Abdullah Ansari said: My beloved does not answer his friend! And how can you answer when your jugular vein is separated from your neck and your head is separated from your body?

I testify that you are the son of the last Messenger of Allah, that you are the son of the Commander of the Believers, that you are the son of the most pious, that you are the son of the path of guidance, and that you are the fifth of the Ashab-e-Kisa.

You are the son of the master of all of the noble ones and you are the son of Fatima (s.a.), the Mistress of All of the Worlds’ Women. And how can one expect anything less from you (given that) you were fed by the hands of the Master of the Messengers, you were raised by the Imam of the pious, and you were nursed from the source of faith?

You were blessed when you were alive and you are blessed when you are dead, but our hearts grieve from being separated from you.

Allah’s blessings and His heavens are for you. I testify that you died just like your brother, Yahya, son of Zakariyya.

Then Jabir b. Abdullah Ansari looked around the grave and said: Peace be on the souls who were killed for Husain (a.s.) and followed him to the last moment. I testify that you established prayers, you gave charity, you ordered people to do that which is right and lawful, you stopped people from doing that which is wrong and unlawful, you fought against the disbelievers, and you worshipped Allah until you were killed. I swear by Allah, who sent Muhammad as a Prophet, that we share the reward with you.

I (Atiya) said to Jabir:

O Jabir! How can you say that we share the reward when we did not do anything? We did not leave our families and we did not even swing our swords? But they fought and were killed. Their heads were separated from their bodies, their children became orphans, and their wives became widows.

Jabir replied: O Atiya! I heard my beloved, the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) say, ‘Those who love a group will be resurrected with them, and those who love the deeds of a group will share their rewards.’ I swear by Allah that my intention and the intention of my friends (the companions of Imam Husain) is the same in regards to following Husain b. Ali b. Abi Talib (a.s.).

Then Jabir said to me (Atiya)- Take me toward Kufa.

On the way to Kufa, Jabir said: Let me give you some advice because I do not think I will see you again. Love those who love the family of the Prophet as long as they love them. Hate those who hate the family of the Prophet as long as they hate them, even if they are extreme worshippers. Be kind to those who love the family of the Prophet. for even if their foot shakes from the right path because of their sins, Allah will keep them steady on it.

Those who love the family of the Prophet will eventually be taken to Paradise, and those who hate the family of the Prophet will go to Hell.

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