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Meesam said while narrating an incident to the narrator – Then he (Ibne Ziyaad) called me then he (l.a.) said – what do you have to say about this? He (narrator) said – I (Meesam) said – I am the truthful one, and my master (Ameerul Momineen a.s.) is the truthful one, while he (Ibne Ziyaad) is the liar, the evil one. Then Ibne Ziyaad (l.a.) said – I will most certainly kill you in a manner that none in Islam has been killed before. I (Meesam) said – by Allah, my Master informed me that the الْعُتُلُّ الزَّنِيمُ will kill me. He will sever my hands, feet and my tongue. Then he will crucify me. Ibne Ziyaad (l.a.) said: What is the meaning ofالْعُتُلُّ الزَّنِيمُ for surely I have read it in the Book of Allah.

Meesam said – My master has informed me that surely it refers to the one born of an immoral woman.

Al-Ikhtesaas p 76

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