The poet has versified the tradition on Ameerul Momineen’s (a.s.) friend and enemy

و تصفو النفوس و يزكو النجار‏

بحب‏ علي‏ تزول الشكوك‏

فثم العلاء و ثم الفخار

فمهما رأيت محبا له‏

ففي أصله نسب مستعار‏

و مهما رأيت بغيضا له‏

-.فحيطان دار أبيه قصار

فمهد على نصبه عذره‏


Through the love of Ali all doubts are erased And the souls are cleansed and lineages are purified

Then when you see the one who loves him Then you will find stature and you will find preeminence

And when you see the one who bears hatred towards him Then in reality he belongs to a suspect lineage

Do not fault him for his action Because the wall of his father’s house was low

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